From the recording Seven Stories High

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Seven Stories High - Love Seed Mama Jump


Hopefully, I'd see you in the morning
But I was shocked to find that you were still asleep
The room was dark, I tried to let the sun in
But the light fell short and could not reach your eyes

What if we could hear with someone else's ears
Maybe then we'd know, maybe it'd be clear
I don't know sometimes it seems way too far fetched
It must be real - It must be true
I know I'll miss you

Was that your whole life before you
Would you want to waste it there just tied up in a bed
I tried to call they said he already had left
I could not reach you and I missed you by a day

I wanted to apologize for my jealousy
I know I was wrong, you did nothing to hurt me
I wanted to make amends because I lost you as a friend
Will you forgive, lets start anew
I know I'll miss you

Would she write or maybe in her diary
That she new that life begins not ends at twenty-three
She recognized so many different dreams in her head
No time was better than now to make them all come true

Or did she know that paradise would keep her
For the ocean that she loved - It took her breath away
And I was left wondering what comfort could I give
I'm crying too