1. Charades

From the recording Seven Stories High

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Seven Stories High - Love Seed Mama Jump


Mother do you know your sons now
They stand here indivisible but tossed and turned
We lost our way somehow

Drifting past the dreams and the real
I'll toast to your bright future and your faceless mask
If that's part of the deal

Blow away with the wind, blow away past the trees
And we're landing in the fields, but we're living on our knees
Life for you is just a masquerade
As we go from day to day and play charades

It's as comfortable as a career
Electing all these memories and cherish them
As life's last souvenir

So I sit and face the western sea
The sleep that I hold in my hand
It shows me more than what I hope to see

We play this game together of alone
Our convict souls self pitying it learns from every lesson
But its own

The dream has grown taller than the cage
A hallowed face reminding you to accept it more
With drinking and with age

I guess what we're all hiding is how it's played
And with every new born day I'm blown away