1. My Superstar

From the recording Love Seed Mama Jump

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Love Seed Mama Jump


All right, all right <br />
So here we are livin` it day by day <br />
You are a superstar <br />
At least that`s what you always used to say <br />
<br />
And the Christmas Day Parade <br />
Well ain`t it sad to slowly watch yourself fade <br />
<br />
Into that girl you never dreamed you`d see <br />
Talkin` `bout the way things used to be <br />
And thinking that your best years are already behind you <br />
<br />
Chorus <br />
Go where you want to <br />
But don`t you forget this, baby <br />
It`s not where you`ve been it`s where you are <br />
<br />
All right, all right <br />
<br />
Well, that`s o.k. <br />
I believe you lost your nerve <br />
I think it`s safe to say <br />
When life throws you a curve ball <br />
<br />
Picking yourself up off that ground <br />
Is a lot more fun with a friend around <br />
You need to be reminded that the best years are right now <br />
<br />
Chorus <br />
<br />
You know it`s really been a while <br />
Since I`ve seen you smile <br />
And I miss that little girl that I knew long ago <br />
You`re still the same glitter girl <br />
Who used to rule my world <br />
All you need is a helping hand <br />
An someone to say... <br />
<br />
It`s all right, all right, all right <br />
Come on now, <br />
It`s all right, all right, all right <br />
<br />
Cause back in the day <br />
Everything was o.k. <br />
You caught the bouquet <br />
Champagne and caviar <br />
I'm holdin' out for the you I knew <br />
Come on pick your head up <br />
Raise the bar <br />
'Cause life flew by on the wings of a butterfly <br />
And now you wonder why <br />
You're not my superstar <br />
<br />
Chorus<br />